A little bit about us …

What is Notify7?

Notify7 is a notification service.

Our notification service processes events and generates customizable notifications that can be sent to an individual via text message or e-mail, on behalf of the application.  This service acts as a notification engine for applications to be able to send communications to your end customers.  Just like a car engine that takes in gasoline and processes it to generate power for the car, our notification engine takes in events and processes those events to send out an email or a text message at a designated time.

Who uses Notify7?

Applications or Web Services.

The clients of Notify7 are web services, web applications, or mobile applications.  The Notify7 service is utilized by external applications to process and deliver events.  Developers are able to offer customized emails and text messages to their customers as if it were part of their application.  Standard reporting, unsubscribe and opt-out services provide a professional grade appearance that will inspire confidence from your clients.

 Why Notify7?

More rapid deployment.

 By utilizing the notification service, applications can more rapidly deploy, rather than building a service from scratch.  This allows the application developers to focus on building out the functionality for their customers, rather than the means of delivering it.